Root Chakra Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Have you ever felt like or do you feel like don’t belong?

Have you ever or do you want to escape from your life?

Have you or do you suffer from depression?

Have you ever or do you have ambivalence about life or wish you were never born?

Did you have some trauma, distress, or difficulty, physically, or emotionally between conception and the ages of 3-5?

Have you or do you feel insecure?

Is your energy low or unpredictable, often leaving you feeling, weak, tired or sick?

Do you have physical problems in your legs, back or feet?

Do you have problems with self-esteem, self-confidence, or self-worth?

Do you have a difficult time managing jobs, personal relationships, and finances?

Do new ideas scare you?

Do you resist or find change challenging?

Have you ever indulged in self-destructive behavior?

Were you abused- emotionally, physically, or sexually or neglected during your very early years?

Have you ever felt or do you feel abandoned by others?

If you answered “yes” to most of the above questions then you may have some imbalance or blockage of your root chakra?