Next in the The Seven Chakras and Chakra Medicine blog series, is the Sacral (Svadhisthana) Chakra. Svadhishthana is comes from the Sanskrit words, ‘Swa‘ and ‘Adhisthana’ , meaning ‘one’s own abode’.


The Sacral chakra, also known as the Sex chakra, is located approximately three inches below the navel and spins at the color frequency of orange.  

Expanding upon, the foundations of The Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra begins to turn us outward towards building relationships with others. It is associated with our emotions, sexuality, creativity, pleasure, sensuality and flow. Its function is guided by the pleasure-pain principle and characterized by flexibility, adaptability. It  correlates with the sense of taste, the reproductive organs, and all of our fluid systems including the lymphatic, urinary, and circulatory systems.


When our Sacral Chakra is open and in balance, we feel:

  • emotionally balanced
  • Accept change
  • Go with the flow
  • Creative
  • Expressive and display our feelings in a positive manner
  • playful
  • connected to our body and emotions
  • healthy sexual desires and intimacy


When our Sacral Chakra is out of balance, or blocked we may experience

  • trust issues
  • creatively blocked
  • dependency, co-dependency with other people or a substance that allows to easily access pleasure
  • disconnected and out of touch with yourself and feelings. 
  • sexual repression or impulsivity
  • attention seeking
  • inability to nurture self and others
  • reproductive problems such as infertility, impotence  or menstrual problems. 
  • lower back pain, kidney or stomach disorders


Below is a link for a Self-Assessment Questionnaire. If you answer, “yes” to most the questions on the questionnaire you very well may have an imbalance with your Sacral chakra. In the next section, Chakra Medicine, I offer suggestions on how to begin healing and bringing your Sacral Chakra back into balance.

Sacral Chakra Self-Assessment Questionnaire

“We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions” ~ Brene Brown

Chakra Medicine

In his book, Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine,  Amit Goswami, PhD 

Blocks are created by negative energy that is unable to be released from the body such as negative energy experienced through traumatic life experiences, emotional challenges and even by picking up the energy of other people or energy that is stuck in some places. Whatever the cause for your energy block, a block in one chakra will affect the overall energy flow throughout the chakra system as they are all interconnected and manifest as ailments in the mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual bodies.

There are various ways you can bring your chakras back into proper alignment and balance including reiki, Angel Energy Healing, other forms of vibrational healing, sound frequency, crystals, affirmations, and meditation.

Here are some ways you can start bringing your Sacral chakra back into balance.

Essential oils* and incense: Rosemary, orange, bergamot, ylang ylang

Crystals: Carnelian, sunstone, tangerine quartz. 

Carnelian is used to promote peace and harmony, dispel depression and fears, counteract negative thoughts, reduce irritability, give one courage, support creativity as well as the reproductive organs, fertility and sexuality.  Carnelian is also known as the Stone of Leadership, Motivation and Endurance. 

Sunstone increases self-confidence and self-esteem,  promotes good humor cheerfulness, and enthusiasm, brings peace and helps to bring a positive attitude to oneself and towards life.

Tangerine quartz helps to balance emotions, enhances self-understanding and self-worth, helps to find balance between giving and receiving, boosts creativity, encourages curiosity, and gives one the courage to move forward.


“I value and respect my body.”

“I am creative.”

“I enjoy life and live it to the fullest.”

“I express my feelings in a healthy way.”

“I connect well with others without losing who I am.”

“My sexuality is sacred.”

Other recommendations and therapies: Angel Energy Healing , yoga, art therapy including Cosmic Smash Booking, color therapy, meditation and spending time by a body, soaking in the tub or taking a shower (the element of water is related to the emotional realm and the sacral chakra).

 Journaling: I have included a PDF of Sacral Chakra Journaling Questions to help you connect with your Sacral chakra.

In the next blog in this series, we will dive deeper into the Solar Plexus chakra, the third chakra in the main chakra system.

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~ Keep out of reach of children and pets

~Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes, mucous membranes, and genitals.

~Some essential oils and essential oil brands cannot be consumed internally. Please check the package labeling before consuming internally.

~If discomfort or irritation occurs, stop using the essential oil right away and contact your doctor.

~If pregnant consult your doctor prior to use.

~Consult pediatrician before use with children.

~ Never apply essential oils directly to the skin.  Dilute in a base ingredient such as a carrier oil.

~ Use essential oils sparingly and follow proper dilutions when using them. If they are applied undiluted, you may end up with mild to severe chemical burns. Remember, when it comes to essential oils, less is more.

~ Some essential oils are photo toxic. (sun sensitivity).  If using an essential oil that causes sun sensitivity, avoid sun exposure, use it in the night time or use it in essential oil products that won’t stay on your skin.

~ Keep away from flame, heat and ignition sources including candles.


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