The Root Chakra

We began this blog series, with an introduction to The Seven Chakras and Chakra Medicine. Here I will began to go into further depth of each of the seven  main chakras in individual blog posts starting with the Root (Muladhara) Chakra. Muladhara in Sanskrit means “root and basis of existence”.  

The Root Chakra, also known as the Base Chakra, is the first chakra of the seven chakra system located at the base of the spine, between the coccyx and pelvic bone. It is about four inches in diameter and when in good health spirals down between your legs grounding you into the core of the Earth. It spins at the color frequency of red and governs the lower limbs of the body, hips, and the skeleton. 

In her book, the 7 Healing Chakras, Brenda Davies, M.D, writes, “the root chakra is activated immediately after the moment of incarnation, at birth. It’s maximal rate of development is during the first few months of life, though focus on the root chakra continues until the age of three. Though development of the whole system continues throughout life…”

The Root Chakra is associated with the adrenal glands.  The adrenal (suprarenal) glands, are pyramid shaped organs that sit on top of the kidneys. They are associated with the sympathetic nervous system and the fight or flight response, which activates when we feel threatened or perceive a situation as harmful, an attack or threat to our survival.  All hormones produced by the adrenal glands help us cope in stressful situations. 

The main function of the Root Chakra is survival; to keep us safe and secure. It governs our basic needs and instincts such as eating, drinking, sleeping, sex, self-preservation, shelter and procreation. It is where we build our foundation to withstand life’s experiences and challenges and where we find our sense of belonging and identity.

It gifts us with our sense of  judgment and the ability to avoid danger,  take risks and be adventurous.   It is where we build relationships with ourselves and others as well as supports us in building our self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem 

When our Root Chakra is open and in balance, we feel:

  • safe and secure
  • a sense of belonging
  • confident
  • grounded
  • make good decisions

When our Root Chakra is out of balance, or blocked we may experience:

  • depression
  • insecurity
  • ambivalence towards living and survival
  • addiction
  • eating Disorders
  • people pleasing
  • cynicism and negativity
  • poor judgement
  • anemia
  • Sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • fatigue

Physical symptoms may manifest with difficulties or health-related issues of the feet, legs, hips, and musculoskeletal system. 

Below is a link for a  Self-Assessment Questionnaire. If you answer, “yes” to most the questions on the questionnaire you very well may have an imbalance with your Root Chakra. In the next section, Chakra Medicine, I offer suggestions on how to begin healing and bringing your Root Chakra back into balance. 

Root Chakra Self-Assessent Questionnaire

“How we perceive things matters in quantum physics, and it matters even more in the evaluation process.   A fundamental difference between a conventional evaluation and the creative evaluation is the qualitive information provided by the additional parameters”

Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D

Chakra  Medicine

“Chakra Medicine is based on the idea that diseases of our major organs can be due to the imbalance or blocks of vital energy movements at the corresponding chakra.” (Goswami, 152). Block is a term commonly used when a chakra is out of balance and not functioning well. The chakra may be spinning in the wrong direction, spinning too slowly, hardly spinning at all or spinning too quickly, all which cause an imbalance.

Blocks are created by negative energy that is unable to be released from the body such as negative energy experienced through traumatic life experiences, emotional challenges and even by picking up the energy of other people or energy that is stuck in some places. Whatever the cause for your energy block, a block in one chakra will affect the overall energy flow throughout the chakra system as they are all interconnected and manifest as ailments in the mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual bodies.

There are various ways you can bring your chakras back into proper alignment and balance including reiki, Angel Energy Healing, other forms of vibrational healing, sound frequency, crystals, affirmations, and meditation.

Here are some ways you can start bringing your Root Chakra back into balance. 

  • Essential oils*and incense: Lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli       
  • Crystals: Smoky quartz, garnet, bloodstone, and ruby.                                    Smoky quartz helps to heal problems associated with the lower half of the physical body, promotes grounding, enhances protection from negative energy, helps to relieve stress,  promotes peace and calming, and helps to dissipate fears.                                                                                                                                     Garnet helps to instill self-confidence and helps you shine your inner light, promotes spiritual ascension and growth, helps manifest prosperity and abundance, assists I the circulation of the blood, helps one recognize their personal power, aids in regenerating energy for the physical body, promotes energetic & physical purification and helps to increase motivation and vitality.  Bloodstone helps with grounding and protection, lends courage, calms fears, aids in avoiding dangerous situations, assists in acting in the present moment, dispels confusion and enhances decision-making, assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances, and helps to reduces irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience.  Bloodstone also helps to purify and fortify the blood, detoxify the liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen, and bladder as well as helps to regulate and support blood flow and aid circulation.  Ruby helps to increase vitality, enhance motivation, encourage the exploration of new thoughts and ideas, enhances feelings of passion (both in life and in relationships), strengthens the body’s psychic defense system, produces joy, strengthens will power and confidence as well as creates feelings of divine love.  Wear or carry your crystals with you or place on your root chakra for 10 – 15 minutes. 
  • Affirmations: ~ I am safe and secure ~ I have all I need ~ I am happy with who I am  ~ I love and accept all of me  ~ I trust myself and the decisions I make ~ I am home ~ I connect with the Earth and I am nurtured by her ~
  • Other recommendations and therapies:Angel Energy Healing, grounding into Mother Earth, massage, physical exercise, sleeping enough but not too much.
  • Journaling  I have included a PDF of  Root Chakra Journaling Questions to help you connect with your root chakra.

In the next blog of this series, we will dive deeper into the Sacral Chakra, the second chakra in the main chakra system. 


  • Avoid contact with sensitive areas such as the eyes, mucous membranes, and genitals.
  • Do Not swallow
  • If discomfort or irritation occurs, stop using the essential oil right away and contact your doctor.
  • If pregnant consult your doctor prior to use
  • Consult pediatrician before use with children
  • Never apply essential oils directly from the bottle onto the skin.

If you want to explore working together,  book a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Session and let’s begin custom tailoring a unique healing plan specifically for you to reach your full potential, obtain your goals and maintain your optimum health and wellness.


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