The Healing Power of Love

Right around Christmas time 2014, I asked my late aunt and the Universe to give me the courage and strength I needed to learn to love myself and take my power back from those whom I had allowed to control or hurt me. A few weeks later, I set that as my full-moon intention; and so began my healing journey of body, mind, and spirit to break the cycle of trauma and abuse that ran throughout my ancestral lines for generations.

Over the next 22 months, I would change the way I viewed myself and the world around me and take the biggest risk I have ever made: to allow love into my heart.

I slowly learned to love, accept, and approve of ALL of me – both the light and dark aspects of myself and my past. As I did, I began shedding the layers of masks I wore, and the fortress of protection I had spent a lifetime building around my heart began to crumble away. I had worn these as shields to prevent myself from feeling the continual hurt, judgment, repeated abandonment, disappointment, and betrayal by loved ones from happening again and again.

With the love, support, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance of my sisterhoods and the man who would break open my heart to allow love in, I replaced the outdated false belief systems – that I am not lovable, good enough, worthy, or deserving of good things – with the knowing that I AM.

I saw that I had the same beauty inside and outside of myself that I saw in others and nature. I was no longer afraid to share my rawness, vulnerabilities, and Truth (my divine and authentic Truth rather than the truth of the false belief systems I once perceived to be true). As I began trusting more in myself, intuition, and divine guidance, I gained confidence and began feeling more comfortable sharing my spiritual gifts and talents, which I had kept locked inside since early childhood. With the healing power of love, I began to make my childhood dreams become a reality.

“The Healing Power of Love” was first published in 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments that Changed Everything (DandiLove, 2017)

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