My Grammie

April is national poetry month! Time to get your pens (or your favorite writing instrument) and paper out and start penning some poems!

My love for poetry began in my ninth grade English class. One of my favorite poets was Emily Dickinson.  I loved reading poetry but even more so I loved to write it. I often used poetry as means to express myself especially in my teenage years when I felt  I had no other way to express my deepest thoughts and emotions without being judged or some type of negative reaction by those closest to me.  My first poetry book containing poems from this time period was just sent off to my editor for the first round of editing! It will be released later this year. You can read more about my published works here

In celebration of National Poetry Month, I would like to share a poem I wrote about my Grammie in 2005. My Grammie was always my best friend, and my protector and nurturer growing up. She was brave, courageous, funny, fun to be around, kind, compassionate, caring and just an overall amazing woman.  I have so many fond memories of Grammie that I keep close in my heart.  She inspired me and still inspires me to be the woman I am today. She will always be a part of me and for her I am very grateful and blessed. 

My Grandmother, Alice is a very special woman.

She perseveres through any travesty.

She never gives up.

She just keeps going with all that she’s got.


She’s so caring. So kind.

Someone you can confide in and know your secrets are safe.

She soothes with her words,

the warm embrace of her arms,

the softness of her voice.


She is a strong woman that never gives up hope,

that survives anything that comes her way.

My Grammie a woman made of steel.

Copyright Isabella Rose

My Grammie and Me 1999

My Grammie and Me circa 1999

Who is your favorite poet? A special person you would like to pen homage  too? What is your favorite type of poetry? Please leave a comment in the comment section down below.  I would love to hear from you.

Trust and Follow Your Inner Guidance

Every day there are soulful messages to be found to guide us along our way. These messages can be found in nature, within our body, conversations with others, the other side and from the Divine.   I am honored to share five soulful messages I have received in 365 Soulful Messages: the Right Guidance at the Right Time, the fifth and final volume in the bestselling 365 Book Series. 

Self-care is so important and oftentimes overlooked for umpteen reasons even when our bodies are screaming out to us to listen.  It is that busy time of year with added holiday hustle and bustle, I thought I would share one of my pieces on the importance of self-care and slowing down.  I was ignoring all the signs my body was giving me but the Universe kept getting my attention in various ways until I finally listened and followed the guidance being given me to me. 


Trust and Follow Your Inner Guidance

by Isabella Rose

“God, Goddess, Angels, Matt, Universe, please take everything from me. Please clear my plate. I am exhausted and can’t keep doing everything by myself anymore. It just isn’t humanly possible. I know that my life wasn’t saved in the car accident to live like this…” I prayed one night and continued to surrender my worries and fears. I had finally had enough and knew there had to be a better way.

For two years after a car accident and the tragic loss of my fiancé two months later, I had been trying to do everything by myself. Although I had made improvements in slowing down and listening to my body – remembering the importance of self-care and the reminders of my friend Jodi, “to be gentle with yourself” – I was stuck in the constant cycle of doing and pushing myself forward until I couldn’t anymore. I had a hard time letting go of guilt and thoughts of what I “needed” to do. I also struggled with sticking to my boundaries and saying no to the demands and expectations others placed on me. 

I was hearing my body, mind, and spirit screaming out for rest to rebalance and restore; however, I wasn’t following this wise guidance. I was even aware of the signs the Universe was giving me to rest, but I ignored those, too. I have too much to do, I argued. I don’t have time to rest.

The morning after I prayed, the angels and my higher self continued to get my attention through oracle cards and my daily creativity practice. I had drawn the Rest card and, later in the day, the Retreat card from a different oracle deck. The message became even more loud and clear when I tuned in to the message of my artwork through automatic writing: “TRUST! Trust your inner guidance! REST, rest, rest. Retreat and rejuvenate. All is in order. Everything is the way it is supposed to be. Trust divine order. Trust the process! You are safe. You are loved. All is well. Rest.”

Finally, I got the message – and finally, I listened.

What message(s) is your body telling you? Tune and really listen to what it is telling you and follow your inner guidance, your internal compass, your north star. Do you need to slow down? Do you have a ache or pain somewhere in your body? Are you hungry?  What is your favorite self-care practice? Please share in the comments below. 

Remember to take some time for you each day to practice self-care even if it is just five or ten minutes  for deep breathing, mediation or reading a page in a book. It is essential to our overall health and well-being. 

My daily art journal entry mentioned in my piece Trust and Follow Your Inner Guidance published in 365 Soulful Messages: the Right Guidance at the Right Time.

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