December Oracle Guidance and Affirmation

December Oracle Guidance and Affirmation

The Healing Angels come to us this December to guide us to pay attention to new thoughts and ideas as they are the seeds of magnificent co-creation with the Universe.  The Universe and your Divine source of higher power and love speak to us through our thoughts, intuition and heart.  

Notice and follow the ideas you have recently received as these thoughts are the answers to your prayers for guidance so please do not discount them as mere imagination.  The Angels seek to give you confidence at this time that you are capable of  receiving and deserving of wonderful things that come forth and manifest with these new ideas and inspirations. All good things originate from  the one Divine mind of Source/God. Since God is omnipresent, like the Angels, meaning everywhere, God is within you.  So these new ideas are divinely given to you through the power of your own mind.


To help you anchor in and remember this month’s oracle message of ideas and inspiration, I created the following affirmation and photo:

I trust and follow my thoughts, ideas and inspiration. 



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Take a few moments to quiet your mind and go within. Tune into the images above and ask the Angels to guide you to the card that has the right message for you on this Full Moon. Once you have chosen the image or number you are most drawn to scroll below to reveal the message the Angels have for you. Please don’t second guess yourself, follow your intuition and go with the first card or number that popped into your mind.  

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