The Warrior Heart Practice Foundation Series

Take an inner journey towards emotional clarity, healing, inner peace, and freedom through the four chambers of your Warrior Heart. Transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace as you claim your courageous Warrior Heart.

Have you ever had a story spinning in your head that you couldn’t stop? Or feelings you didn’t know what to do with? Have you ever struggled to find or hold onto the truth, or stay clear with your intent and focus? Do you ever sense the life you’re living is a version of a story you’ve been telling yourself for way too long… maybe one of scarcity, self-doubt, and fear? Perhaps this story is revealed through a self-critical, repetitive inner voice…or an underlying idea that you’re not quite enough…or that your dreams are outrageous and out of reach…

If you’re like many of us, your precious attention and energy are consumed every day just by trying to manage your judgemental mind and your emotional reactions. We’re all amazing creative, and powerful beings, whose inner vitality could help us solve world problems, bring people together in wondrous ways, and celebrate this unbelievably beautiful gift of life… instead of being drained by inner drama, conflict, stories the and using the power of our word against ourselves.

Your stories and your truth may be so tangled up with one another, they’ve become embedded in who you are…or at least, who you think you are. If you remain tangled up in this way for far too long, you can lose your way – no longer recognizing the ever-present heart wisdom within you that lovingly connects all of who you are. 

Join me, Isabella Rose, certified Warrior Heart Practice Facilitator, for a live five-part online workshop series exploring the four chambers of the Warrior Heart. During the five-part Warrior Heart Practice Foundation Series, you will:

  • Take an inner journey towards emotional clarity, healer, inner peace, and freedom.
  • Learn to experience your physical and emotional bodies, gently sitting with your emotions and experiencing them consciously.
  • Bear witness to the stories you are telling yourself, leaning in to listen to your fears and doubts.
  • Untangle your feelings from your story
  • Learn to put aside your need to be right, desired, or understood in favor of the calm clarity of the ultimate truth.
  • Formulate a focused commitment and intention.

The Warrior Heart Practice Foundations Series will be offered as a live 5-part online workshop series.  

The Warrior Heart Practice Foundation Series begins Monday, July 20th and runs for five weeks, Each week we will meet live online for an hour and a half, you will receive an email with login information and instructions.  You will receive potent tools for transformation that you can begin to use immediately and a short homework assignment to help you begin integrating these practices into your daily life.

In addition to these five weekly live sessions, you will also receive support from our online community, and I will be answering any questions or shares weekly in our closed Facebook group. 

Course Overview:

Week 1: Overview and Introduction to the Warrior Heart Practice

Week 2: The Feeling Chamber

Week 3: The Story Chamber

Week 5: The Intent Chamber



During this current time of the pandemic, I want to make it possible for anyone who would like to take this workshop series to be able to do so, so I am offering a sliding scale with pricing options from $197, the full price of the course down to $5. To register please click, the registration button below. 

I look forward to being your guide as we take a journey together to claim your courageous Warrior Heart

Everyone welcome.

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