It’s time to claim your Warrior Heart and turn fear into love and confusion into clarity! 

Have you ever had a story spinning in your head that you couldn’t stop? Or feelings you didn’t know what to do with? Have you ever struggled to find and hold onto truth, or stay clear with your intent and focus?

For many of us, our precious attention and energy is consumed every day just by trying to manage our judgmental mind and our emotional reactions. We are amazing, creative and powerful creatures, and instead of waking up every day asking, “What beauty and connection will I craft today?”, we wake up basically saying, “How can I feel good enough about myself today?” or “How can I avoid my own self-judgment and fears?” The vitality that could be going towards solving world problems, bringing people together in wondrous ways , and celebrating the unbelievably great gift of life is instead drained by drama, conflict, and using the power of our word against ourselves.

With the Warrior Practice, you will learn a simple process of using feeling, story, truth and intent to choose love over fear and clarity over confusion. Together, you will learn how to be a true warrior of the heart. 

As a certified Warrior Heart Facilitator, I will be offering Warrior Heart Practice One Day Workshops and five part workshop series in addition to private coaching sessions.  Please check the schedule of events below for upcoming live Warrior Heart Practice Events and Workshops. 

To read the first two chapters of The Warrior Heart Practice click here.

You can purchase a copy of The Warrior Heart Practice by HeatherAsh Amara on Amazon here.

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