October Oracle and Affirmation is a reminder to focus on Love and to be mindful of our actions and how they effect ourselves and the world around us as we are all One. The message of the Santa Muerte, our deceased Loved Ones and the Angels is that of LOVE. Love is the original unifying force that connects all Beings together as One with the Universe and Divinity. We are all one. Separation only exists through the Ego mind and fear.


Love is the basis for universal solidarity that consents our evolution and change. It is a continuous flow, originating from the first cry of our Universe, of our galaxy, down to our planet we live on, planet Earth , a web connecting every single particle, ever atom, everything that ever existed and will exist. It is a reminder that our present is derived from the past and shapes our future so it is in our best interest as individuals and as a collective to act accordingly in love for the greatest good of all to build a positive future for now and future generations to come.

Our beloved ancestors wish to remind us to act responsibly and in love, keeping in  mind that your actions not only effect you but also the world and those around you.

October Monthly Affirmation:

To help you anchor in and remember this month’s oracle message of love and connectedness,  I created the following affirmation and photo:

I act in and radiate universal love in all that I do



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