November Monthly Oracle Guidance and Affirmation

Mary Magdalene comes to us this month using the Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno guiding us to pay attention to the colors we are drawn to. Be attentive to the color of the clothes you choose, the food and drink you consume as they all have a profound effect on the way you feel. Take a few moments to notice the color and beauty in nature. What colors do you see? What color is the sky? The leaves on the trees? What color is the ground you are standing on? 

Colors carry and vibrate  at particular energy frequencies. These frequencies can effect how we feel, our overall health and wellness and even our healing. 

When you find yourself being drawn to a particular color, pay attention to the energy emanating from it; how does it make you feel? Does it provoke a certain feeling or mood? Provide comfort? Perhaps you feel more vibrant and energized. Does it invoke a certain memory?

When you are drawn to a particular color it is because you resonate with that color’s frequency.  Color effects our own personal vibrational field and emotions and can help to balance our emotions and restore our wellbeing.  Below is a meditation, that is particularly useful if you are feeling low on energy or feeling emotional. 

I invite you to find a comfortable place to sit, relax and quite your mind. Close yours and take a few nice deep breaths into your belly and exhale releasing all stress, worries, feelings and thoughts. Now..

Imagine yourself on a sandy beach watching the waters ebb and flow. You feel the gentle breeze of the ocean blowing through your mind, clearing away all unwanted thoughts, concerns and negative feelings. Visualize each color of the rainbow one at a time. Take your tie with each one. Breathe in the essence and vibration of each color until you can feel it vibrating in every part and every cell of your body.  Allow each color to flow through as you affirm:

I AM a violet flame

I AM a blue flame

I AM a pin flame

I AM a green flame

I AM a yellow flame

I AM an orange flame

I AM a ruby red flame

I AM a white flame

I AM a golden flame

I AM a silver flame

I AM an iridescent flame 

Pay attention to what your body and color is telling you this month and use color to help you if you need to make adjustments. Have fun and enjoy playing with your color choices this month!

November Monthly Affirmation:

To help you anchor in and remember this month’s oracle guidance of color. I created the following affirmation and photo:

I consciously choose colors that improve my mood and well-being.




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