What is Your Full Moon Message?


Take a few moments to quiet your mind and go within. Tune into the images above and ask the Angels to guide you to the card that has the right message for you on this Full Moon. Once you have chosen the image or number you are most drawn to scroll below to reveal the message the Angels have for you. Please don’t second guess yourself, follow your intuition and go with the first card or number that popped into your mind.  


Your Angel Message Revealed

1. Answered Prayer

Fear not, Dear One, as your prayers have been heard and answered. Remember all of your prayers are always answered. Sometimes, you may feel as though this is not the case because the answers come in unexpected ways. Perhaps you receive an intuitive feeling or a new opportunity arises- or a book falls off of the shelf. The Angels often answer our prayers by giving us ideas or information in these everday ways.

The Angels ask that you be extra observant . Pay attention to everything you hear, say, think, and feel. Pay extra close attention to help that comes to you, and make sure you accept this help! You deserve this assistance and are worthy of it. Many times people appear as Earth Angels bringing you answers to your prayers. 

2. Acceptance

Archangel Raphael is helping you find peace within an unsettling situation. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you necessarily like what has happened or currently going on in your life rather that you are willing to come to peace with it. Your prayers for a healing resolution are heard. Please surrender the entire situation to the Angels through the process of acceptance and for some even forgiveness. Trust that everything is working out exactly as it should. This isn’t the time to resist or force anything. Speak your mind openly, honestly and gracefully. 

3. Playfulness

When was the last time you had fun? If you don’t remember, then it’s long overdue! The Angels wish for you to fall back in love with life again and ask that you take time to enjoy yourself through the spirit of joy and adventure. Fun is a necessity, not a luxury. It is time for you to schedule some playtime into your schedule.  Take some time to go exploring in nature, play the tourist in a nearby town or city, take advantage of the many free events in the community or sign up for a new class you have been wanting to try. Playfulness is a good investment of your time, as it will renew your energy levels and elevate your mood.  Playtime is  also essential in relationships too. Keep the free-spirited component of dating alive by planning regular “date nights” with your partner.

4. Protected

Rest assured that you are safe and protected as you make a career transition. Listen and follow your inner guidance at this time to make the change you so wish to desire. Hold the intention that this change will allow you to bring more blessings into our life and the world. You have a unique and much-needed life purpose that awaits you with arms wide open. When you fully commit to helping others and serving the greater good of all through your purpose, the doors of opportunity and support swing wide open.

Continue to call upon the Angels for guidance, support, and protection throughout your manifestation. If you find yourself feeling insecure or nervous, put your entire focus on service. When you intend to serve a purpose, your purpose will begin to serve you. 

Have a happy and blessed Full Moon!

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