A Gift I Will Always Treasure

One afternoon, while talking to Bowana and hand-feeding him some fruit and nuts (two of his favorite treats and something he had learned to say from our daily visits), I noticed that one of his wings had dropped slightly. I told my parents about my observation and concerns about my childhood friend and family member and continued to monitor his condition.


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October Oracle Guidance and Affirmation

 October Oracle and Affirmation is a reminder to focus on Love and to be mindful of our actions and how they effect ourselves and the world around us as we are all One. The message of the Santa Muerte, our deceased Loved Ones and the Angels is that of LOVE. Love is the original unifying force that connects all Beings together as One with the Universe and Divinity. We are all one. Separation only exists through the Ego mind and fear.


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“Embrace the constant cycle of change. Embrace each moment for what it is… beautiful”

~Isabella Rose